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Acoustic Footprint

Mango Lures Acoustic Footprint Triggers More Strikes

Most non-salmon fish react to sound as well as vision to locate their prey, and sound becomes even increasingly important in deep water where visibility is poor. Even trout, which have very good vision, are very sensitive to the sound of their prey, especially after dark. All fish register sound as vibrations through special nerve cells located in their lateral line.

MangoFishing has therefore created lures with an enhanced acoustic footprint to attract fish. Like other lures they have ordinary swim actions and realistic looks. But their unique hand-polished carbonate shells create a vibration that causes exactly the kind of sound that triggers the attack reflex of a fish that is out hunting for prey. This is what gives Mango Lures - and you - a unique advantage. Try them and experience the difference. This is a lure that leads the pack.

Try our most popular lure, the Mango Minnow today. Or browse our complete fishing lure catalogue.

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