Mango L.S.

The Mango L.S. is a complete set of saltwater lures with great action. The have proven themselves extremely effective all over the world, from Baja in Mexico to Phuket in Thailand and the coast of Denmark. Anglers using the Mango L.S. have caught dorado, sea trout and groupers as well as many other predatory sea fish.

The hydrodynamic shape of the Mango L.S. gives it a realistic, jig or dart action, and the colours are chosen to match those of the prey of larger predators. The fish just can't resist it. The lighter Mango L.S. are real killers for sea trout, sea bass and striped bass, and any other predatory fish feeding on eels and small bait fish in estuaries. They can be used for both casting and trolling.

The heavier versions are perfect for casting or jigging for virtually any fish in the ocean: cobia, giant trevally, jacks, tarpon, marlin, sailfish, dorado, mackerel, groupers, and all kinds of tuna.

Fresh/brackish/saltwater: Saltwater

Technical Features: VMC treble hook, hardened stainless-steel wire, three-dimensional eye, reflective tape

Target Species: cobia, giant trevally, jacks, marlin, sailfish, dorado, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, groupers, dog tooth tuna, yellow fin tuna, albacore, sea trout, sea bass, striped bass and most other predatory species


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