A completely new fly-lure hand-tied on long-shank VMC hooks. The Optifly can be used with spinning as well as fly-fishing equipment. While it looks like a fly, it is actually slightly heavier, which makes it move like a jig.

Use light lines with any kind of top knot, for example Uni Knot, to optimize the action of the lure. It works equally well in slow, medium and fast-flowing streams. The Optifly has proven successful for beach fishing for sea trout, albacore, sea bass and mackerel as well as fresh-water fish such as brown trout and perch.

Fresh/brackish/saltwater: all types

Technical Features: dressed VMC single hook, three-dimensional eye, reflective tape

Target Species: albacore, mackerel, sea bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, char, searun arctic char, perch, walleye, zander and most other predatory species.


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