What Fishermen are saying about Mango Lures

They may be new, but our lures are already making waves...

It's not a very good photo but its from a very happy camper indeed. These are southern estuary perch 2.5 pounds. These are very agressive brackish water fish. Not known to take very many lures.

T.H., Australia, July 2005

I have already used what I think was a Mango Minnow last year (in Yellow). We stumbled upon it in a tackle shop by accident and liked the look of it. We took the boat out the next day and trolled the minnow behind the boat along side an Abu Toby style lure. within a few yards it was fish on! and we boated a small bass around the 1.5lb mark. As soon as we started the 2nd run a larger fish hit the Minnow and gave me a massive scrap before being boated. This fish was just short of 4lb which on light tackle fought like mad.

We have been looking around since last year to find out what this lure was and who made it. It was again by accident that I spotted a similar lure but smaller on a tackle shop shelf a few weeks ago and bought it for the packaging which pointed to the web site.

I'm certainly looking forward to working these lures this summer and hopefully having the same results if not better than last year. This one lure has definitely out-fished anything else we have got in our lure box. We just now need to locate the fish!!

Martin O., UK, April 2005

We had the most wonderful day today. We went fishing at sea locally. I took several of the mangos along.

We where lucky and encountered a large school of local salmon feeding. There where 6 people on board and they all used your lures. We tried Proraps, Mega's, Hbt's. and Revolutions. But the most successful lure by far was the 40 Gram L.S.. We took a total of 55 fish. This was during only about 50 minutes of fishing in the one place.

Tony Halfpenny, Australia, March 2005

...On my side I have no doubt of the efficiency of your lures. I remember last year, during a decathlon fishing training, I gave 2 mangos to the only 2 girls at that training and they caught one pike each. The men caught nothing with their rapalas and other brands.

Olivier Huynh, France, September 2004

Your lures are the best. Five of us went out last Sunday, each one used their best lures, only mango lures caught fish (rainbow). Thanks again.

Dennis, N.S., Canada, May 2004

...I would be honoured to help in publicising what I truly believe is the best thing to hit the sport since the 'hook'!...

...in my opinion 'ManGo' have an unequalled build quality and are far superior, even to the likes of 'Rapala'.

Kevin Flynn, UK, May 2004

THANKYOU. I recently saw the Mango Minnow in my local tackle shop and I knew just from the 'look' that this was something special!. I bought it and took it to the North Wales coast...The Bass could not resist!! This has to be the best lure available!!!

Kevin Flynn, UK, May 2004


13.05 Daniel Perch 0.5 kg own lure
13.10 Bertil Perch 0.2 kg Green Mango
14.50 Daniel Perch 0.4 kg Yellow Mango
15.00 Bertil Pike 5.2 kg Green Mango
16.05 Bertil Pike 1.35 kg Green Mango
16.35 Daniel Pike 3.2 kg Green Mango
(coffee & hot dog break)
18.25 Daniel Perch 0.3 kg Green Mango
18.35 Daniel Pike 2.5 kg Green Mango
18.45 Daniel Pike 5.6 kg Green Mango
19.05 Daniel Perch 0.1 kg Green Mango
19.10 Bertil Perch 0.3 kg Green Mango
19.45 Bertil Pike 2.2 kg Green Mango
19.50 Bertil Perch 0.2 kg Green Mango
20.10 Daniel Perch 0.1 kg Green Mango
20.40 Daniel Perch 0.4 kg Green Mango
21.15 Daniel Perch 0.3 kg Green Mango
21.20 Daniel Perch 0.2 kg Green Mango
21.45 Bertil Perch 0.25 kg Green Mango

Bertil Lintner, Sweden, July 2004

Hi there - thought you may like to see the result of trolling with a yellow Mega Minnow behind my boat on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales - 3 what I call stonkers of 3.5 5.0 8.0LBS respectively. I thank you

Russ, UK, August 2004

Hi, caught this bass on a Mango Mega Minnow blue colour, I've caught seven in the recent 2 months. Yellow has been more productive - I fish North Wales coast. I love the design - so do the fish. Excellent.

Hilton Williams, UK, August 2004

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