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Fishing in Kanchanaburi

Located several hours northwest of Bangkok, reachable by road or rail, Kanchanburi province is best known as the location of the infamous Death Railway, built by POWs during World War II and commemorated in the film Bridge over the River Kwai.

Kanchanburi is also a great freshwater fishing destination, offering some of Thailand's best fishing. One of the most interesting areas is the huge Sri Nakarin Lake on the River Kwai. This deep lake was formed when the surrounding valley was flooded. The crumbling ruins of villages and the slowly decaying forest beneath the surface now make a perfect habitat for various predatory fish.

The best fishing is done from houseboats which can be rented by the day. Once out on the lake, you can expect plenty of play from Giant Snakeheads, Barbs and Rohu. So be sure to pack a good variety of lures.

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